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Wildtree is open for business!

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Back in June, we were told that Wildtree was going to be closing their doors at the end of September. I was devastated about what this would mean for my freezer meal program and for all of my customers that love the products and how it can help make meal times easier. My brain was spinning and I went into survival mode.

I bought enough freezer meal kits to get the meal program with Oregon Cancer Foundation through the end of the year. I figured, this would give us enought time to come up with a plan B.

I also stockpiled all of my favorite Wildtree products. I mean, what was I going to do when I ran out of Ranchers Steak Rub and my favorite protein shakes?

We were sent an email short after the initial announcement letting us know that there were some potential investors looking at keeping Wildtree going. It would not be a direct sales company any longer but the products would still be available to purchase through their website. I kept my fingers crossed that everything was going to work out.

Well everyone, they found a way! Now I know this has brought a lot of mixed emotions but I am personally thrilled that I can keep giving back to my community via Wildtree products and the freezer meal program that I have worked so hard for.

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