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Thank you to POPs volunteers!

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Each month, we have different organizations come in and volunteer to prep the meals that we give to families in our community that are undergoing cancer treatment. Katie Burke, with the Oregon Cancer Foundation, appoints a person at that organization to coordinate who would like to come in to chop, bag, label and clean up. It is an amazing team building experience for the businesses involved and it always feels so good to give back to people that are in need.

This month, we were fortunate to have the POPs organization (Portland Oncology Professionals) come in and put these meals together. They actually flew in from Seattle, Portland and Bend with a few that were Eugene residents. They were energetic, excited about what they were doing, and a TON of fun! It's because of selfless people like this that helps keep our freezer meal program running!

Portland Oncology Professionals (POPs)

#OregonCancerFoundation #GiveBack

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